Student Population - 523 (increase of 15 students)

Ethnicity of Student - White- 92% Other Ethnicity- 8%

Poverty Index - 62.8%

Free and Reduced Lunch - 54.60% (up from 51%)

Attendance Rate – 95.7%

Students with IEPs - 58 (includes speech and resource)
Students in Gifted & Talented- 68

Certified Teaching Staff - 31 (includes Administration)

Support Staff- 23 (includes After School Care)


History of School

The roots of Six Mile Elementary run deep into the history that surround the mountain it sits beneath and the people who live in its vicinity. Public education in what then was referred to as the Hurricane Township was not readily available or reliable prior to 1910. At this time, there were several smaller schools dispersed around the country side. Attendance in these primary portals of learning were influenced in many ways by the weather, swollen streams, deep muddy roads and trails, and long walking distances. 

In 1910 the Twelve Mile Baptist Association, along with help from the Home Mission Board, began what has become a vital part of the history of Six Mile Elementary. The Six Mile Baptist Academy opened its doors on October 4th which included boy's and girl's dormitories. By 1920 there were 74 boarders and 130 local students. Transportation was one of the biggest obstacles for the school at this time. The six miles from Six Mile to the Norris Railroad Station were almost impassible during this time.

Tragedy hit the school in 1919 when a fire from a faulty wiring system destroyed the administrative building with classrooms. The building was reconstructed, but a few years later the girl's dormitory was destroyed by fire from an over-heated wood-burning stove. It, too, was rebuilt. Unfortunately, the Six Mile Baptist Academy found itself in debt and had to be closed in 1927.

The public school system had become strong enough to provide a school for the Six Mile Community in 1928. The administration building and classrooms were purchased from the academy to be used as a high school. A new elementary school was built nearby.

In 1929, a devastating tornado hit Six Mile. The tornado killed nine people, the most lives ever taken at one time in Pickens County, including 5 elementary students from the Garrett family. Other teachers, students and parents were severely injured during this disaster. This deadly act of nature lifted the entire elementary school up and moved it about six feet off its foundation.

A new Six Mile Elementary school was built in 1955 on North Main Street and served our community until our current school was constructed in 1990. This facility was dedicated by former Governor Carroll Campbell. 

School Colors:

The official school colors for Six Mile Elementary are blue and gold.

School Mascot:

The school mascot for SME is the Eagle. 

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