Mission Statement


The Six Mile Elementary Family will prepare all children to be successful beyond the classroom.


The Six Mile Elementary Family will provide a quality education that will encourage achievement for all in a safe and caring environment.


We believe...

  • Children are our first priority.
  • A safe, caring learning environment must be provided to all.
  • All children must have equitable educational opportunities.
  • All children can learn and contribute to society.
  • Every child is unique and valuable.
  • The development of the "whole child" in each child is key.
  • Preserving a child's sense of curiosity and wonder are key.
  • The pursuit of excellence is essential and achieved through high expectations.
  • A strong educational foundation is the key to success.
  • The parent is the child's first teacher.
  • Education is a shared responsibility.
  • Cultural diversity and awareness promote the development of the whole child.
  • Learning and education are life-long processes.
  • Today's schools shape tomorrow's workforce.

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