SME PTO Board Members

President, Stephanie Moore 

Vice President, Katriena Woodruff

Treasurer,  Emily Owens

Secretary, Marilee Hendricks

SME Special Committee Members

Facebook Administrator, Brooke Spencer  (

Volunteer Coordinator, Stephanie Moore (

Grade Parent Coordinator, Amy Larsen (

Rewards Program Coordinator, Jessica Alexander (

What is PTO?

What is

Why be a PTO member?

PTO membership fees and other PTO fundraisers such as our Fall Cookie Dough Fundraiser and a Fun Run help purchase school equipment which otherwise would not be possible. It also provides an opportunity to be an integral part of your child's education.

What has PTO dues and fundraisers helped purchase in the past?

Six Mile Elementary PTO has purchased the school's electronic sign, new fencing for the school, bleachers, playground equipment, picnic tables, murals for the school walls, technology equipment, cookies for Valentine's banquet, chorus risers, water bottles for Field Day, and classroom supplies. PTO has also sponsored Math/Science and Write Nights.

What is the PTO goal purchase for the 2018-19 school year?

Our goal this year is to purchase radios for the school that will help with safety throughout the school. We have many "wish list" items, too, which include new cafeteria tables, storage place for old cafeteria chairs, trees around the school and other improvements. By simply signing up to be a member, it makes our goal a little closer! 

2018-2019 PTO Family Membership Levels.pdf

2018-2019 PTO Calendar of Events Revised.pdf

PTO By-laws