SME School Improvement Council

School Improvement Council of Six Mile Elementary         


Report to the Community 2017-2018


The Six Mile Elementary Family will provide a quality education that will encourage achievement for all in a safe and caring environment.


Student Population- 523 (increase of 15 students)

Ethnicity of Students- White- 92% Other Ethnicity- 8%

Poverty Index- 62.8%

Free and Reduced Lunch- 54.60% (up from 51%)

Attendance Rate – 95.7%

Students with IEPs- 58 (includes speech and resource) Students in Gifted & Talented- 68

Certified Teaching Staff-31 (includes Administration)

Support Staff- 23 (includes After School Care)

Classrooms- 21

Six Mile Elementary is helping students develop world class skills and life and career characteristics of the Profile of the South Carolina Graduate by providing a quality education in a safe and caring environment. Our highly qualified teachers provide a quality education by implementing the latest research and best practices. Rigorous instruction based on state standards provides our students with hands-on opportunities to build strong foundational and conceptual skills. Our teachers use effective strategies, such as: Balanced Literacy Model, Thinking Maps, Project Based Learning, Journal Boards in Math & ELA and embedded RTI. Teachers also use flexible grouping to differentiate instruction to ensure all students are successful. These rigorous standards and strategies provide students with the knowledge and skills needed for college and career readiness. 

The use of technology through STEM and Project Based Learning gives our students real world connections to learning and encourages them to be more active in their individual learning and allows students to apply skills and demonstrate their understanding of material based on research conducted and products created. STEM activities provide students with opportunities to work collaboratively to brainstorm, plan, and design creative solutions to STEM-based challenges. These activities include Sailboat & Jet Toy Competitions. Lego and Future Engineers Clubs are available during and after school for students. PBL & STEM learning help students develop skills necessary to be successful 21st century learners.  We provide character education that focuses on the development of the whole child. We believe good character is the cornerstone in building the foundation that our students need to become successful in life. The 7 Habits of Happy Kids and Chick-fil-A's Core Essentials are embedded in all that we do. Other activities include daily Words of Wisdom and monthly Best of the Nest Celebrations. These activities encourage life and career characteristics students need for success in the 21st century.  Developing students who will use their education to serve others and make our world a better place is our ultimate goal.

South Carolina College-and Career-Ready Assessments (SC READY) – Grades 3-5 – 2017-2018   (These assessments were taken in May of 2017.)



Recognized as a Transform SC School  - One of 63 in the State; Making sure that every student graduates prepared for careers, college, and citizenship

Safe Kids Safe School: 2010-11, 2011-12, 2012-13, 2013-14, 2014-2015, 2015-16, 2016-17, 2017-18


Mr. Roy Young, SIC chair

Mrs. Emily Owens, Parent

Mrs. Leia Parker, Parent

Mr. Tim Friar, Community Member

Mrs. Susan Alexander, Parent

Mrs. Georgette Fitzpatrick, Parent

Mr. Josh Jones, Community Member

Mrs. Lisa Towe, Reading Coach

Mr. Michael Land, Teacher

Mrs. Melisa Nolan, Teacher

Mrs. Susan Orr, Guidance Counselor

Mrs. Melissa Terry, Ex-Officio

Mrs. Sara Plumb, PTO Representative

Mrs. Jodi Bigham, Ex-Officio